Why we wake up in the morning

We focus on small businesses because we believe small businesses are the ones who power the economy, and if we can help small businesses realise and achieve their potential, then Canada’s economy becomes safer and more powerful!

The Government of Canada agrees too! In 2012, 98.2% of all businesses were small businesses, up 4.8% from 2007 when small businesses made 97.3% of all businesses. These very same businesses employed 69.7% of the private labour force in 2012, up a staggering 45.2% from 2007 when small businesses employed only 48% of the private labour workforce.

Small businesses helped rescue Canada from the financial crisis of 2007-2008, and we firmly believe it’s our duty to ensure that small businesses have a stable, powerful platform to operate on so they can continue to power the Canadian economy!

Our dream is to power and support all of Canada’s small businesses!

Our Journey

In the last 15 years, as we’ve been partnering with small businesses to delivering Managed Services (IT Support), we noticed a lot these small businesses were struggling with technology, either they didn’t have the right technology, or they didn’t know how to use it. As a result, technology was impeding their growth because they were too busy trying to fix it, instead of working on growing their business and improving their bottom line.

It came to a point where we needed to make a decision, continue providing Managed Services, a steady source of income for us, or evolve the company into a solutions provider that concentrated on providing something that would change the way businesses work, and in the end, help businesses accelerate their growth.

As you can tell, we decided to redefine what a “Managed Services” provider could be.

What we care about

As a company, we decided that we need to breathe the following values every second of our lives:

  • Compassion: Our clients, who are our partners, are all beautiful people who have hopes and dreams for both themselves and their companies. It’s our job to understand both and help them get there.
  • Transparency: We are upfront with everything we do. We believe our clients should know as much as we do. There should be no surprises, except for the amazement and joy when their business starts to take off!
  • Professionalism: We take great pride in our work, and get the job done every time on time.
  • Craftsmanship: We think of every detail, in isolation and in the system it’s part of. We provide holistic solutions that solve the problems you know about and don’t know about.

Areas we serve

To ensure amazing response times, we are currently focusing on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We amaze in the following cities: Ajax, Brampton, Burlington, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Pickering, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan.