Technology should work

Technology should be simple…

Technology has improved our business life in ways we could not imagine 20 years ago. It’s brought incredible efficiencies and has helped eliminate those routine, mundane, tedious tasks so we can concentrate on the more creative and enjoyable aspects of running a business.

As technology does more for us, it becomes more complicated to understand and use. In other words, you’re spending more and more time getting technology to work instead of running your company.

How important is technology working to a business?

Because we are so dependent on technology for our businesses to run, when our technology doesn’t work it can cost us dearly. Here’s what the research shows as the effect of technology when it doesn’t work:

The Bottom Line

Your office depends on technology to run, and you simply cannot afford any downtime as your reputation and market position will be under threat.

IT Werks focuses first on building solid, reliable, and scalable solutions that keep on going like that Energizer bunny. But what something does go wrong, we’re there in a flash! We solve 95% of all problems in under 30 minutes. And that means you can’t take that extra hour for lunch or leave work early, and we’re not sorry about that!

Goodbye downtime!

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