Technology should help you work better together​

Growing bigger can cause problems

You’ve worked hard and you can finally see everything is falling into place: business is now booming.

To keep up with the pace and demand, you need to hire more people.

But you’re not moving as fast as you used to. Meetings are being missed. Documents and invoices are all over the place. Meeting rooms are being hijacked. Nobody knows who has the company car. It takes 10 minutes to coordinate five people to meet. You’re spending more time reading emails then actually doing anything productive.

How important is it to keep your team connected?

No matter the size of your business, keeping your company connected and moving together is crucial to your prolonged success. Here’s what the research shows:

  • MIT found that the more teams engaged outside of formal meetings, the more productive they would be.
  • IBM found that companies whose employees were “extensively collaborative” were more innovative than their competitors. Google found the same conclusions in their study too.

The research speaks for itself, a connected team can move mountains for your business.

The Bottom Line

Although increased collaboration is the key to your company’s success, there can be something as too much collaboration. Adam Grant, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, reported that up to 80% of an individual’s time can be spent on collaborative work such as reading and replying to emails and attending meetings. And we look at 124 emails on average a day!

IT Werks can provide your business with the right tools to increase your team’s collaboration so they can move your company forward every day, but we’ll also work with your team to ensure your they’re solely focused on what’s important, and not on unnecessary communication.

Goodbye, wasted time!

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